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Plastic bound book-Introduction

1. Thread-locking plastic binding refers to a binding method in which the pages are threaded together with thread, and then the pages of the printed product are fixed on the spine of the book with glue. The advantage of lock-threaded plastic binding is that the book block is glued together with a thread to fix it. When the book is opened, the content of the book can be fully displayed, from the book publishing to the automatic binding method.

2. Wireless binding refers to a binding method in which each page of a printed product is fixed on the spine with glue. Different from the previous wired binding, the wireless glue binding does not use wire or thread, but glues the book block.


Plastic bound book

Round back notebook

Plastic bound book-《Round back notebook》


Material:The cover is red binding cloth mounted with 2.5mm gray board and hot black gold, the back of the book is mounted with Sweipa discoloration leather spine, the inner page is 120g double offset paper

Craft:Lock line round back hardcover

Round back hardcover book

Plastic bound book-《Round back hardcover book》


Material:Cover 150g fine checkered black card mounted 2.5mm Dutch board, inner page 157g Japanese matte

Craft:4 colors printing, lock thread round back hardcover

Locking plastic bound book

Plastic bound book-《Locking plastic bound book》


Material:Cover 300g coated paper with bright film, inner page 157g coated paper

Craft:Locking glue

Sketch bound book

Plastic bound book-《Sketch bound book》


Material:Cover 300g coated paper with bright film, inner page 200g coated paper

Craft:Locking glue

Soft hardcover notebook

Plastic bound book-《Soft hardcover notebook》


Material:Cover two-color cotton binding fabric hot white paint, 120g double-adhesive paper on inner page

Craft:Lock line round back hardcover

Ring Pack Brochure

Plastic bound book-《Ring Pack Brochure》


Material:250g copper plate on the cover, 105g matte paper on the inner page

Craft:Black iron ring binding

Circle Map Book

Plastic bound book-《Circle Map Book》


Material:Cover 300g coated paper with bright film, 120g double offset paper on inner page

Craft:Silver iron ring binding

Comic book

Plastic bound book-《Comic book》


Material:2.5mm gray board mounted 157g coated paper with matte film, 157g coated paper inside

Craft:Stitched square back hardcover


Plastic bound book-《Loushu》


Material:250g Earl hot stamping on the cover, 150g Earl with matte oil on the inner page

Craft:Locking glue

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